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09 FebUsing Minio in Github actions to mock s3
20 DecThe Ethics of Invention
03 DecDoes NPD Governance Framework give Government a backdoor into private companies
25 NovThe x4ivygA51F Rabbit Hole
24 NovGenerating Go docs using gomarkdoc and pandoc
16 NovUse of Facial Recognition Tech by Law Enforcement
24 FebGoodbye
26 NovUtopia for Realists
24 NovBuilding Go Plugins inside Docker
15 NovCreating archive pages grouped by year in Hugo
05 NovContainerized development workflow using remote gopls server
25 OctPaisaVasool - HackInOut 2019
11 OctFacebook Birthday List to ICS file
04 AugUsing Docker containers for building Archaic Projects
17 MarA review of Siempo Launcher for Android
24 - Progress Update 2
17 - Progress Update 1
03 FebPresentation about at Barcamp Bangalore - Techlash
08 JanSetting SO_REUSEPORT and similar socket options in Go 1.11
19 NovStreaming audio from Linux to Android using PulseAudio over LAN
14 OctConvolutional Neural Network Basics
25 SepWhistle Project – Winner EthIndia 2018 Hackathon
20 AugAutomate fast download of a large files through FTP
01 AugRewriting Lyric API in Golang
30 JulFunctional Options for testing without mocks in Golang
07 JunEmacs starts a bit slow…
16 MayReviving an old Samsung N150 Netbook and making it a solid Dev Environment
11 MayGenie – The Voice Enabled Coding Companion – Winner Dell Intern Hackathon
11 MayMy personal opinion about learning frameworks
20 MarToday I integrated the WordPress…
18 MarExtract filenames without their extensions…
23 FebFeatured on Google’s Instagram
21 DecDeep Learning Through the Lens of the Information Plane
21 DecSetting up Python on Spacemacs and using Pyenv to use Python3
20 DecSetting up LaTeX on Spacemacs
20 DecSwitching to Spacemacs Based on…
30 NovEmotive Adsense Project
11 NovVocabulary of Odissi
28 OctThe male and female dress of Odissi Dance – An comment on the Literature on the web
16 OctWas codification of Odissi successful in capturing the true essence of the dance as it was prevalent or even as it was performed​ ​in ​​the ​​ancient ​​era?
11 Octyumex-dnf is locked
20 SepHackTheNorth 2017 – University of Waterloo
27 JulDeath of Ivan Illyich
22 JulSNU Datalimit Chrome Extension
26 JunTake out a moment and…
20 MayAdding xfce4 Keyboard Shortcuts for Clementine or Spotify
06 MayRendezvous with a Reflection – Screenplay
20 AprRetrofitting LED Lamps into Smart Lamps
12 MarJust discovered Xfce4 has an inbuilt Drop Down…
14 FebSurvey Paper on Security in Wireless Sensor Networks
09 FebVorstellungsrepräsentanz
07 FebWorking with J2ME on Linux in 2017
05 FebYou can get a free BNC account on EliteBNC…
04 FebSOCKS Proxy
25 JanToday my phone was acting strange as it…
12 JanChecking if a number is prime using Regex
10 JanNotes on Regex
07 JanHow to Sign PGP Keys using GPG
19 DecIf you are using os rename src dest…
14 DecAt last I am now on Fedora 25…
13 DecUnderstanding the Undertones of Political Thought within the Politically Agnostic FOSS Movement
29 NovOctoShark Browser Extension – DigitalOcean Cloud Hack Delhi Winner 2016
25 NovFixing my zsh history
23 NovGetting ready for updating my system to Fedora…
18 NovDay 5 – The final day of ApacheCon
17 NovDay 4 – ApacheCon and The Apache Way
16 NovDay 3 – ApacheCon Barcamp and ApacheCon
15 NovDay 2 – ApacheCon Big Data, Seville
14 NovDay 1 – ApacheCon Big Data, Seville 2016
13 NovToured Seville today thanks to FeelTheCityTours
12 NovReached the Melia Sevilla Spain tonight Pretty excited…
09 NovAuthor Biography Alongside Pictures in Latex
08 NovFeeling excited about attending ApacheCon Big Data and…
07 NovA tip on using fsck
01 NovGitconfig tip for github
31 OctJust installed a new theme for the blog…
22 OctLabeled Tweet Generator and Galaxy Image Classifier featured in Sirajology’s Youtube Videos
20 OctHello WordPress
09 AugApache Allura – GSoC 2016 Summary
07 AugShare WiFi via Ethernet on Gnome 3.20
06 AugTopological Sort for problems using DAG
05 AugWhat is Apache Allura and why is it relevant to developers?
04 AugTo Draft or not to Draft
20 JunVim as your daily log notebook
30 MayInstalling Apache Allura on Digital Ocean
20 MayBuilding Planet GSoC
10 MayParticipating in Google Summer of Code 2016
07 MayAdding Support for Vector Instructions to 8051 Architecture
15 AprFoodify App – HackNSIT 2016
22 MarBLIP – Asset Tracking & Location Based Contextual Services Using Bluetooth Based Indoor Positioning
29 JanTwitter bots using Tweepy
28 JanPoint about Floating (Points)
27 JanMaking Presenations using Markdown
23 AprServerside and Clientside Redirection
28 SepSome Useful Javascripts
28 SepThe World Community Grid: Make your computer’s idle time to useful