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2019-03-17Three months of self inflicted digital pain and how it changed my habits – A review of Siempo Launcher - Progress Update 2 - Progress Update 1
2019-02-03Presentation about at Barcamp Bangalore - Techlash
2019-01-08Setting SO_REUSEPORT and similar socket options in Go 1.11
2018-11-19Streaming audio from Linux to Android using PulseAudio over LAN
2018-10-14Convolutional Neural Network Basics
2018-09-25Whistle Project – Winner EthIndia 2018 Hackathon
2018-08-20Automate fast download of a large files through FTP
2018-08-01Rewriting Lyric API in Golang
2018-07-30Functional Options for testing without mocks in Golang
2018-06-07Emacs starts a bit slow…
2018-05-16Reviving an old Samsung N150 Netbook and making it a solid Dev Environment
2018-05-11Genie – The Voice Enabled Coding Companion – Winner Dell Intern Hackathon
2018-05-11My personal opinion about learning frameworks
2018-03-20Today I integrated the WordPress…
2018-03-18Extract filenames without their extensions…
2018-02-23Featured on Google’s Instagram
2017-12-21Deep Learning Through the Lens of the Information Plane
2017-12-21Setting up Python on Spacemacs and using Pyenv to use Python3
2017-12-20Setting up LaTeX on Spacemacs
2017-12-20Switching to Spacemacs Based on…
2017-11-30Emotive Adsense Project
2017-11-11Vocabulary of Odissi
2017-10-28The male and female dress of Odissi Dance – An comment on the Literature on the web
2017-10-16Was codification of Odissi successful in capturing the true essence of the dance as it was prevalent or even as it was performed​ ​in ​​the ​​ancient ​​era?
2017-10-11yumex-dnf is locked
2017-09-20HackTheNorth 2017 – University of Waterloo
2017-07-27Death of Ivan Illyich
2017-07-22SNU Datalimit Chrome Extension
2017-06-26Take out a moment and…
2017-05-20Adding xfce4 Keyboard Shortcuts for Clementine or Spotify
2017-05-06Rendezvous with a Reflection – Screenplay
2017-04-20Retrofitting LED Lamps into Smart Lamps
2017-03-12Just discovered Xfce4 has an inbuilt Drop Down…
2017-02-14Survey Paper on Security in Wireless Sensor Networks
2017-02-07Working with J2ME on Linux in 2017
2017-02-05You can get a free BNC account on EliteBNC…
2017-02-04SOCKS Proxy
2017-01-25Today my phone was acting strange as it…
2017-01-12Checking if a number is prime using Regex
2017-01-10Notes on Regex
2017-01-07How to Sign PGP Keys using GPG
2016-12-19If you are using os rename src dest…
2016-12-14At last I am now on Fedora 25…
2016-12-13Understanding the Undertones of Political Thought within the Politically Agnostic FOSS Movement
2016-11-29OctoShark Browser Extension – DigitalOcean Cloud Hack Delhi Winner 2016
2016-11-25Fixing my zsh history
2016-11-23Getting ready for updating my system to Fedora…
2016-11-18Day 5 – The final day of ApacheCon
2016-11-17Day 4 – ApacheCon and The Apache Way
2016-11-16Day 3 – ApacheCon Barcamp and ApacheCon
2016-11-15Day 2 – ApacheCon Big Data, Seville
2016-11-14Day 1 – ApacheCon Big Data, Seville 2016
2016-11-13Toured Seville today thanks to FeelTheCityTours
2016-11-12Reached the Melia Sevilla Spain tonight Pretty excited…
2016-11-09Author Biography Alongside Pictures in Latex
2016-11-08Feeling excited about attending ApacheCon Big Data and…
2016-11-07A tip on using fsck
2016-11-01Gitconfig tip for github
2016-10-31Just installed a new theme for the blog…
2016-10-22Labeled Tweet Generator and Galaxy Image Classifier featured in Sirajology’s Youtube Videos
2016-10-20Hello WordPress
2016-08-09Apache Allura – GSoC 2016 Summary
2016-08-07Share WiFi via Ethernet on Gnome 3.20
2016-08-06Topological Sort for problems using DAG
2016-08-05What is Apache Allura and why is it relevant to developers?
2016-08-04To Draft or not to Draft
2016-06-20Vim as your daily log notebook
2016-05-30Installing Apache Allura on Digital Ocean
2016-05-20Building Planet GSoC
2016-05-10Participating in Google Summer of Code 2016
2016-05-07Adding Support for Vector Instructions to 8051 Architecture
2016-04-15Foodify App – HackNSIT 2016
2016-03-22BLIP – Asset Tracking & Location Based Contextual Services Using Bluetooth Based Indoor Positioning
2016-01-29Twitter bots using Tweepy
2016-01-28Point about Floating (Points)
2016-01-27Making Presenations using Markdown