How to Sign PGP Keys using GPG

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[][1]xkcd #364: Responsible Behavior I participated in ApacheCon EU 2016’s PGP Keysigning Party recently. Being a newbie about PGP keysigning, I made the mistake of not sending the keys back to the key server after signing as I was using a GUI tool called Seahorse. So today, after realizing this from searching my key on MIT’s PGP keyserver, I decided to do it again and send the keys this time using GnuPG.

Day 5 – The final day of ApacheCon

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The morning began with keynotes from Sebastian Blanc and Bertrand Delacretaz. After that I attended Jean Fredric Clere’s talk on HTTP/2 and SSL/TLS. He also demonstrated the new protocol and the extensions. [email protected] speaking on HTTP/2 and SSL/TLS State of Art in Our Servers at #ApacheCon @ApacheCon pic.twitter.com/olEkYsa15e — Rohan Verma (@rhnvrm) November 18, 2016 Next, got to learn about security lessons from the Deserialization vulnerability in the Java Apache Commons Collections library and how prevalant they are by Tim Jarret.

Day 4 – ApacheCon and The Apache Way

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On day 4, I attended the Apache Way track as I felt that I should get to know more about the ASF and how Apache works. I got to learn a lot and feel that this has paved my way to further get involved with Apache projects. The first session was a panel discussion having panel members from the ASF. It was hosted by Nick Burch and the panelists were members of the ASF.

Day 3 – ApacheCon Barcamp and ApacheCon

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The morning began with me waking up a little later. The previous night, we had the Attendee Reception. The BarCamp began around 10 AM. A barcamp is an ‘unconference’ with no set schedule, facilitated by those involved in various Apache projects. It was organized by Jean Fredric Clere and Sharon Foga. You can learn more about the BarCamp at: https://wiki.apache.org/apachecon/BarCampApacheSeville Since, most people don’t know what a barcamp is and might be confused I’d suggest reading up about it on https://en.

Day 2 – ApacheCon Big Data, Seville

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The second day of ApacheCon BigData was also successful and amazing. It was a long day that started with the Keynotes by Mayank Bansal from Uber who explained Uber’s big data stack and how they scaled up. The next keynote was by Sean Owen from Cloudera who explained how Apache is more than just another Github where people just dump their code. It’s a place for building the community. It was also nice to hear his shoutout to Apache Allura which he talked about to explain the diversity and the reach of the projects.

Day 1 – ApacheCon Big Data, Seville 2016

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It was fun to volunteer for today’s sessions at Apache Big Data 2016. My responsibilites included helping the speakers setup their laptops and introduce them to the audience, keep time and remind them when time was running short, and finally helping out with the Q&A at the end. I also liveblogged the sessions via twitter and interacted with the speakers as most of the sessions were of my choice as the volunteer team had a shared spreadsheet on which we could choose our sessions in a first come first serve manner.