Understanding the Undertones of Political Thought within the Politically Agnostic FOSS Movement

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Introduction The Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) movement, which is now seen as an integral part of the technology sector, is now making its impact outside this domain in various dimensions. It has given rise to the three “Open” pillars – Open Source, Open Standards and Open Content. Ideas formulated during the rise of these new FOSS communities have been able to raise various questions about Intellectual Property, Information Production and other newly formulated concepts.

A tip on using fsck

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A tip on using fsck when you are stuck in emergency mode. Whenever you are using `fsck -y` and it does not allow you to run because a certain device (say /dev/sdaX) is mounted, it does not mean you can’t run `fsck -y /dev/sdaY`. That is you don’t unmount that device.

Share WiFi via Ethernet on Gnome 3.20

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There is a hidden method to share your WiFi over Ethernet in the latest Gnome. I stumbled upon this while trying to connect my RaspberryPi 3B with my University’s Internet. Type nm-connection-editor in your terminal. Add a shared network connection by pressing the Add button. Choose Ethernet from the list and press Create. Click IPv4 Settings in the left. Choose Shared to other computers by clicking the Method drop-down menu.