Take out a moment and…

26 Jun 2017 - 1 minute read
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Take out a moment and think, are you going on the internet (reddit/youtube/dota2) because you want to be entertained or because you are really afraid of being bored? Boredom comes from having a mind that wants to be entertained. Instead, strive for cultivating a creative mind that can entertain itself (and others). The key word here is “cultivate”. #psychology

Rendezvous with a Reflection – Screenplay

06 May 2017 - 18 minute read
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“Rendezvous with a Reflection” [First Draft] by Padamja Gupta Rohan Verma (Group – “Untitled”) A girl, struggling to accept reality, confronted by her own reflection. Instructor: Shrimoy Chaudhury Course: Psychoanalytic Films through Historical Lens  ACT I FADE IN: A long shot of New Delhi and the skyline. The sun is rising breaking dawn. Camera pans to visuals of empty shopping streets being lit with the morning sunlight.