The Ethics of Invention

20 Dec 2020 - 4 minute read
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The Ethics of Invention by Sheila Jasanoff is not a book on ethics, but rather a book about the complicated relationship between Technology, Law, and Policy. By the title, one might think that this is yet another “Techlash” book written to be read by Tech Luddites. Rather, the book argues for a middle ground between uncontrolled enthusiasm for technology and the timeless, often understandable, hatred for technological progress. The main focus of the book is to highlight the tendency of humans to give or delegate power to technological systems, which end up governing human behavior without even them noticing it happening under their noses.

Does NPD Governance Framework give Government a backdoor into private companies

03 Dec 2020 - 3 minute read
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Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) had released a report 1 on the “Non-Personal Data Governance Framework” in July 2020 2. The report recommends the establishment of a Non-Personal Data Regulatory Authority with an enabling role as well as enforcing role. 2 Along with this, the report defines Non Personal Data as: 3 Non-personal data: When the data is not ‘personal data’ (as defined under the PDP Bill), or the data is without any personally identifiable information (PII).

Use of Facial Recognition Tech by Law Enforcement

16 Nov 2020 - 2 minute read
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The use of Facial Recognition by law enforcement to identify offenders is one of the cases where the regulation of the technology lags way behind, and there is an urgent need to bring about policy to reduce potential pain in our society. Apart from the serious problems that are inherent with the technology like mis-identification and minimal mapping between the training sets and the actual photos. According to a recent report in TechCrunch 1, the Home Minister of India admitted to using a data set trained on the Aadhaar Database to identify individuals involved in a recent riot.