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Welcome to my personal website! I’m Rohan Verma, a Software Engineer at Zerodha Tech in Bengaluru, India. Here, I share my experiences, thoughts, and opinions on a variety of topics.

At Zerodha, I’ve been involved with several exciting projects, including Kite, Veto, Nudge, GTT, and StockReports+. I primarily write code in Golang, which has become one of our team’s favorite languages for building performant, scalable backend apps. We’re also passionate about open-source software and sharing our hacker ethos with the world.

Before joining Zerodha, I interned at Dell Technologies, where I worked on a microservice-based product that solved an invoice-to-order matching problem using Golang and Python. I’ve also worked remotely during my participation in Google Summer of Code and contributed to the Apache Allura project.

In university, I provided programming support for research projects and worked as a Subject Tutor for several CS courses. During my early years, I gained valuable mentorship from my teachers, which led me to participate in regional programming competitions and eventually start a computer club to mentor other junior peers.

Outside of work, I enjoy writing code as a hobby and playing online games. I started this blog several years ago as an open notebook, and while I’ve lost some of my early posts, I’m always looking for new ways to share my knowledge and experiences.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, you can email me at hello at rohanverma.net. Thanks for visiting!

Recent Posts

  • Making a 10-hour video using ffmpeg

    So you want to make a 10-hour video from a short clip and upload it to YouTube? Well, you’re in luck, because it’s actually easier than you might think! First, you’ll need to use video editing software to create your short video, I use something called Kdenlive. It’s super easy to find and install –…

  • Using Minio in Github actions to mock s3

    I recently added Github Actions for simples3. In a recent PR, a contributor added support for custom endpoints. I was currently running go test on the library using a local .env files which contains real AWS keys and an actual s3 bucket. I realized that we can mock this using a minio server as well.…

  • The Ethics of Invention

    The Ethics of Invention by Sheila Jasanoff is not a book on ethics, but rather a book about the complicated relationship between Technology, Law, and Policy. By the title, one might think that this is yet another “Techlash” book written to be read by Tech Luddites. Rather, the book argues for a middle ground between…

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