Hello World 👋

Welcome to my homepage!


I’m currently working as a Software Developer at Zerodha Tech where I am writing Golang, Python and a bit of Javascript to build fintech products used at scale everyday.

Before Zerodha, I interned with Dell Technologies as a Software Engineering Intern and graduated in the Summer of 2018 from Shiv Nadar University, Dadri, India.

At Dell, I was part of a team that was building a new end-to-end microservice based product using Golang (and Python) to solve an invoice-to-order matching problem which had an effect of increasing the cash flows for Dell and customer facing invoice accuracy via last mile automation.

I have also worked remotely during my participation in Google Summer of Code in 2016 and contributed to the Open Source Apache Allura Project that powers SourceForge.com.

Out of interest and curiosity, I have (little) experience with Machine Learning and AI through my pursuit of a Machine Learning Nanodegree which I earned through a MOOC curated by Udacity which I undertook in the summer of 2017.


I am from New Delhi, India and am currently living in Bengaluru, India. I write code for a living, and often write code as a hobby, or to automate the little things. You might find me lurking on online message boards, online games and IRC as rhnvrm (an alias I took long ago).