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SimpleS3 is a Go library for manipulating objects in S3 buckets using REST API calls or Presigned URLs signed using AWS Signature Version 4.



koanf is a library for reading configurations from different sources in different formats in Go applications written by Kailash. I occasionally help with maintaining it.

Apache Allura

Allura is an open-source implementation of a software “forge”, a website that manages source code repositories, bug reports, discussions, mailing lists, wiki pages, blogs, and more for any number of individual projects. It powers SourceForge. I contributed to it as part of GSoC and was mentored by brondsem.



A Chrome extension to track and calculate the data you have downloaded since the last Wednesday for Shiv Nadar University and helps you log out from your active session in a single click. This utility was useful for students to track bandwidth usage and remain under the weekly data allowance.

Bodhi Hugo Theme

A simple, minimal, personal website theme for Hugo. Features a two-column layout with the left column showing a tree-like directory inspired from the suckless website. Earlier used for this website, and Frozen Lobster.

Frozen Lobster

Daily top stories from frozen in time. Inspired from Hacker News Daily.

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