Emacs starts a bit slow…

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Emacs starts a bit slow but it can be started as a daemon emacsclient -c -n -e '(switch-to-buffer nil)'

My personal opinion about learning frameworks

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My personal opinion about learning specific topics and frameworks is that it is not required to be done. In fact, it is only due to our education that we end up learning frameworks in the “learn first – then apply” kind of way. I would suggest trying a different approach. Decide on what you want to automate. What I mean by this is think of your day to day activities that you do online which you can automate.

Today I integrated the WordPress…

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Today I integrated the WordPress API into my Homepage to display my projects. It now uses an Ajax call to fetch the latest posts in the Project category. Also, I removed the font-awesome icons which were messing up the profile links.

Switching to Spacemacs Based on…

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Switching to Spacemacs Based on mbuf (@shakthimaan)’s session in #dgplug about Reading and Writing habits, (https://dgplug.org/irclogs/2017/Logs-2017-12-18-13-23.txt) have decided to move to spacemacs from vim, just for Org mode. Let’s see how it goes!

Vocabulary of Odissi

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My argument is that dance can be seen through the lens of linguistics. It is nonetheless, composed of a vocabulary of poses and gestures that are codified within a set by masters to perform Abhinaya (acting) and tell stories similar to how a grammar and a vocabulary is used to write complicated sentences and paragraphs. For example, Odissi has the following hand gestures in its vocabulary Odissi Single Hand Mudras

The male and female dress of Odissi Dance – An comment on the Literature on the web

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I was reading an article about Odissi and I found that the perpetuation of stereotypes do actually come into picture in the case of the content that is written on it. The following is a description of the Dress worn by the dancers: The female dancers wear brightly coloured sari usually made of local silk adorned with traditional and local designs such as the Bomkai Saree and the Sambalpuri Saree.

Was codification of Odissi successful in capturing the true essence of the dance as it was prevalent or even as it was performed​ ​in ​​the ​​ancient ​​era?

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The transfer of knowledge required for the continued existence of any performance art requires intense and deliberate training from both the Guru and the Shishya. Through codification and written text, the need to rely on this tradition to study the art form decreases but the difficulty to master increases due to standardization. In my study of the readings by Anita Cherian and the Odissi Renaissance along with my understanding of linguistics and language theory I wish to answer the question of how the codification of Odissi Dance, a performance art, has resulted in the birth of a modern classical dance form, far from what was probably performed by the ancients.

Take out a moment and…

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Take out a moment and think, are you going on the internet (reddit/youtube/dota2) because you want to be entertained or because you are really afraid of being bored? Boredom comes from having a mind that wants to be entertained. Instead, strive for cultivating a creative mind that can entertain itself (and others). The key word here is “cultivate”. #psychology

Just discovered Xfce4 has an inbuilt Drop Down…

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Just discovered Xfce4 has an inbuilt Drop Down Terminal which you can use by running the command `xfce4-terminal –drop-down` using an Application Shortcut. Applications – Settings – Keyboard. Select the Application Shortcuts tab, click on the Add button, type in the command and give a shortcut key. I used F12.


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I used to use the `-L` flag in SSH but today I was going through the man page and saw the `-D` flag. It can be used to make a SOCKS5 proxy easily. For eg. `ssh -f -N -D 8080 [email protected]` Also, a big thanks to EliteBNC.org for giving a free ZNC node. Feels great to be back on IRC after so long.

If you are using os rename src dest…

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If you are using os.rename(src,dest) outside the current working directory, you can’t simply use os.rename(filename, “output.mp3”) since it will move the file to the current working directory. You should rather, path.dirname to get the file’s directory and then rename the file. For example you can use `os.rename(file_name, os.path.dirname(file_name) + ‘/{song_title}.mp3’.format(song_title=song_title))`