Making Presenations using Markdown

It’s often a pain to make presenations. How many times have you just wanted to make a simple presentation but have had to deal with bulky software like MS Office?

Well markdown alternatives exist for presenations also, you can focus on your content and make your presentations simply in markdown.

If you don’t know what markdown is you can see this wonderful cheatsheet and

get acquainted with it in seconds.

Although there are many solutions, I found RemarkJS to be a good product. This is their getting started tutorial:

It takes only a few, simple steps to get up and running with remark:

  1. Create a HTML file to contain your slideshow (see below)
  1. Open the HTML file in a decent browser
  1. Edit the Markdown and/or CSS styles as needed, save and refresh!

They also have a wonderful website which is acutally a presentation which you can use as an introduction.

Many tools have also been built around it like Remarkise which can be used to render your Markdown-based slideshow on the fly.

If you know of any other cooler alternatives, please drop a comment!

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