Use of Facial Recognition Tech by Law Enforcement

The use of Facial Recognition by law enforcement to identify offenders is one of the cases where the regulation of the technology lags way behind, and there is an urgent need to bring about policy to reduce potential pain in our society. There are serious problems that are inherent with the technology like misidentification and …

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Dear users Thanks for using and making it grow organically to over ~2k daily hits. Due to a takedown request for the domain from the NPCI I have had to shut down for now. I created to solve my own problem. To date, sharing a upi request outside an App …

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Utopia for Realists

This book was a recent recommendation from Dr Kailash Nadh. A small but heavy book, that is engaging and well researched. Rutger Bregman has done a thorough job of making arguments for three major policy ideas whose time has come in the land of plenty that we live in (as compared to a human living …

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