My personal opinion about learning frameworks

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My personal opinion about learning specific topics and frameworks is that it is not required to be done. In fact, it is only due to our education that we end up learning frameworks in the “learn first – then apply” kind of way. I would suggest trying a different approach. Decide on what you want to automate. What I mean by this is think of your day to day activities that you do online which you can automate.

Today I integrated the WordPress…

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Today I integrated the WordPress API into my Homepage to display my projects. It now uses an Ajax call to fetch the latest posts in the Project category. Also, I removed the font-awesome icons which were messing up the profile links.

Extract filenames without their extensions…

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Extract filenames without their extensions and put it in the clipboard ls -C | awk -F"." '{print $1}' | xclip -selection c

Featured on Google’s Instagram

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Featured on Google’s Instagram Page. View this post on Instagram Using our open-source machine learning framework TensorFlow, self-taught coder Rohan invented an app that provides nutritional info on food just by snapping a picture of it. See our story today for more on this computer science rockstar from New Delhi. #SearchOn A post shared by Google (@google) on Feb 21, 2018 at 11:35am PST

Deep Learning Through the Lens of the Information Plane

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The ridiculous effectiveness of Deep Learning has lead to research on tools that help to analyze these Deep Neural Network based “black boxes”. Recent research papers by the Information Theory community to analyze has rise to a new tool, The Information Plane, which can help analyze and answer various questions about these networks. This article, provides a brief overview of the concepts from information theory required to develop an understanding of the Information Plane, followed by a replication study of the implementation of the paper that introduces this theory with respect to Deep Neural Networks.

Setting up Python on Spacemacs and using Pyenv to use Python3

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After diving into Spacemacs yesterday, I was able to setup LaTeX properly. Only SyncTeX is left to be setup although, right now I can live without it. After tweeting about it, I got a reply about setting up Python on Spacemacs. I had installed the python layer but had not tested it. There was no hitch, although I faced a small issue with having python2 as well as python3 on my system.

Setting up LaTeX on Spacemacs

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I have been using Vim for text editing and even Vim mode even in Sublime Text. Although, I wanted to use Org mode so I switched to Spacemacs with Evil mode that gives the best of both worlds. I had been using TeXworks and TeXstudio for editing and building LaTeX documents but now that I have Emacs, I wanted to try out the pdf-tools layer and latex layers so that all my work can be done from inside Spacemacs itself.

Switching to Spacemacs Based on…

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Switching to Spacemacs Based on mbuf (@shakthimaan)’s session in #dgplug about Reading and Writing habits, ( have decided to move to spacemacs from vim, just for Org mode. Let’s see how it goes!

Emotive Adsense Project

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Objective Use Facial Expressions to find segments of the video where engagement is above a threshold and display advertisements during those segments. Domain Background Internet Video Traffic will account for over 80% of all consumer internet traffic in the coming years. According to Cisco, by 2021, every second, a million minutes or almost 17,000 hours of video content will be uploaded on the internet. The whole video market is changing how businesses, brands or government communicate.

Vocabulary of Odissi

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My argument is that dance can be seen through the lens of linguistics. It is nonetheless, composed of a vocabulary of poses and gestures that are codified within a set by masters to perform Abhinaya (acting) and tell stories similar to how a grammar and a vocabulary is used to write complicated sentences and paragraphs. For example, Odissi has the following hand gestures in its vocabulary Odissi Single Hand Mudras

The male and female dress of Odissi Dance – An comment on the Literature on the web

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I was reading an article about Odissi and I found that the perpetuation of stereotypes do actually come into picture in the case of the content that is written on it. The following is a description of the Dress worn by the dancers: The female dancers wear brightly coloured sari usually made of local silk adorned with traditional and local designs such as the Bomkai Saree and the Sambalpuri Saree.