Goodbye upi.link

Dear upi.link users Thanks for using upi.link and making it grow organically to over ~2k daily hits. Due to a takedown request for the domain upi.link from the NPCI I have had to shut down upi.link for now. I created upi.link to solve my own problem. To date, sharing a upi request outside an App …

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upi.link – Progress Update 1

What am I building, in a sentence? 🔗upi.link: A programmable shortlink generator based on UPI (universal bank2bank payments service in 🇮🇳) sharable via social media & chat. What did I complete till now? Highlights Deployed at upi.link I used AWS Free tier to deploy this website to reduce cost for hosting this. It uses AWS …

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Presentation about upi.link at Barcamp Bangalore – Techlash

I recently got a chance to talk about upi.link during Techlash at Barcamp Bangalore. I got to tell people about having started this small project. Here is the link to my presentation: A small summary of upi.link Introducing upi.link, which is is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) neutralUPI Request Link generator built upon the UPI …

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