What is Apache Allura and why is it relevant to developers?

05 Aug 2016 - 2 minute read
categories: gsoc

Apache Allura is a Top-Level Project under the Apache Software Foundation since April of 2014.

It powers SourceForge, Open Source Projects Europe, DLR German Aerospace Center and DARPA’s VehicleForge.

The most interesting features that distinguish Apache Allura from currently trending Forge Software like GitHub, GitLab and

the Atlassian Toolkit are

it’s modularity and use of well-known python technologies. It is one of the easiest to set up for personal or professional use

and even for use by big organisations. It reaches millions of users and developers throught the ~500,000 projects hosted

on SourceForge.

With having minimal steps in setting up your own instance of Apache Allura on a DigitalOcean droplet, a RaspberryPi, or simply

using SourceForge.net it is

one of the most valueable products that you can deploy for your team for collaborating on code,

documentation, research, or even blogging, chatting, discussing or even maintaining your personal Wiki. It is very convenient for new

users to setup in terms of usablity by using the defaults and also provides enough tools, settings, access control and ways to modify your Forge

for powerusers.

This week, I will be posting a series of posts about Allura. So stay tuned!

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