Labeled Tweet Generator and Galaxy Image Classifier featured in Sirajology’s Youtube Videos

I have been learning about machine learning and data science recently. Coincidentally, I found this cool Youtube channel called Sirajology and I must recommend it to any one who has also just begun his journey on this path like me. Each video has a challenge attached with it in the end. I participated in two of them by submitting my projects based on the specifications of the challenge and they were featured on the channel.

Siraj classified me as “Badass of the Week” in these videos.

The first project I made was a Galaxy Image Classifier (, which I trained using a dataset I created myself. I believe the results could have been better if I had used better images.

It was based on this video:

And it was featured in the next video in the series:

The second project was a Labeled Tweet Dataset Generator ( Using this project, a data scientist can open and type his query in the searchbox and look at the results and if he is happy with them he can click the download as csv button to save them and work on it.

It was based on this video:

and was featured in this one:

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