My personal opinion about learning frameworks

My personal opinion about learning specific topics and frameworks is that it is not required to be done. In fact, it is only due to our education that we end up learning frameworks in the “learn first – then apply” kind of way. I would suggest trying a different approach.

Decide on what you want to automate. What I mean by this is think of your day to day activities that you do online which you can automate. After you have found a problem (you can also try to solve others problems), sit down and list down what tools you think might help you to solve said problem. It could be a simple python script. After you have written the script, think of how you can make it a product by having a User Interface. A simple web interface can be created using Flask that runs the script you wrote on the press of a button. Finally, you will want to deliver this product to users, for which you can use Heroku/Digital Ocean/Openshift etc.

In this way, you will always be motivated to find the solution and not waste much time in reading through things that will be essentially off-topic to you.

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