BLIP – Asset Tracking & Location Based Contextual Services Using Bluetooth Based Indoor Positioning

BLIP is a naive solution for effective tracking of assets in indoor spaces, where satellite (GPS) based positioning systems are unreliable, and provide location based contextual services. This project was made at IndiaHacks: Internet Of Things Hackathon at SAP Labs, Gurgaon. It was an overnight hackathon and Paul and I were awake till the last moments and only slept after creating a small demo video.

We were inspired by the The Time Machine (2002) movie’s scene where the protagonist enters a museum in the future.

During the hackathon we were able to make an app that relays RSSI values to our real time Database (rethink-db) that works on a pub-sub model, queries the real time database for its calculated position and receives contextual information relating to its predicted position inside the building where beacons have been set up.

Since, the final submission deadline was extended, we were able to reach back our campus at night and shoot a demo video at our university’s library.

Finally, we were selected in the top 20 for the offline finals of IndiaHacks and went to Taj Vivanta, Bangalore. It was a nice experience where we got to improve our idea with the help of mentors that were available there. We tweaked the algorithm and the variables a bit for the demo room we made at the venue. We were surprised to be among the few student teams at the finale.

We gave our best and demo’d the project and were finally awarded the 7th position and received two RaspberryPi 3B models as the prize.

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