Building Planet GSoC

20 May 2016 - 1 minute read
categories: gsoc projects

There were many emails in the GSoC mailing list regarding ‘sharing’ blogs

with the GSoC community. Many GSoC students keep blogs to track their

progress. It becomes really tough to track hundreds of blogs so I thought

of starting a blog aggregator.

Most of the solutions that had been developed until now required setting up a server

that would generate a static file of all the blogs. But I wanted a solution

that was easy to set up and could be deployed by anyone by clicking a single button on github.

The motivation for this was my conversation with James Lopeman (meflin) on irc who

is an org-admin at the Python Software Foundation. Before

that conversation, I had already set up a simple method using river5

developed by

Dave Winer but later I extended it to include a deploy on openshift button.

Currently, around 48 blogs are indexed by PlanetGSoC. It

can be forked by anyone to deploy their own planet on since it uses

JSONP requests to fetch the JSON river from the server running on openshift.

Feel free to fork the project or contribute! And if you have a blog related to GSoC be

sure to send a pull request.