Installing Apache Allura on Digital Ocean

Installing Apache Allura on your Digital Ocean droplet is now as easy as typing make install.

Apache Allura is a Software Forge that powers Today, I created a Makefile that simplifies the process of setting up Allura on a Digital Ocean droplet. The source code is hosted on and on github.

Here are the steps to get started with deploying your own instance of Apache Allura.

  1. Set up your digital ocean account and spin up a new Ubuntu 14.04 droplet.
  2. SSH into your droplet’s root ssh root@<DO_id> and clone the repository using
    git clone https://[email protected]/git/u/rhnvrm/allura-install
  1. Change your working directory into the cloned repository. cd allura-install
  2. Install git and make using apt-get install git make
  3. Run make install

If you face an error during a make step, report it to the issue tracker on github. If it is an error that you can fix or due to some network errors, you can run the next step listed in the make file. Suppose, you faced an error during the npm install inside the initialize-allura-taskd, you can run make initialize-allura-taskd again and then run each next step in a simlar fashion (such as initialize-allura-data)

Finally, run make start (only required if make failed during a certain step)

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