Vim as your daily log notebook

There are probably hundreds of methods and software that have been written that can help you maintain a notebook that contains your daily logs and notes.

I have tried tens of methods and software and after a few days they just feel like bloat or take up too much time to maintain regularly.

So, I decided to break down my own problem and found a simplisitic method/solution that suits me. My need was to write two logs, one life log and one dev log which was distraction free and would not take more than a second to get started with.

I finally ended up with editing my zshrc and vimrc. Now, I just end up doing the following every morning:

  1. Open the terminal (ctrl + t)
  2. type today [This opens a split window having my life log and dev log side by side]
  3. type nlog<space> to start a new log entry.

You can look at my commits here and here to see how I have done it and modify it for yourself.

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