Day 3 – ApacheCon Barcamp and ApacheCon

The morning began with me waking up a little later. The previous night, we had the Attendee Reception. The BarCamp began around 10 AM. A barcamp is an ‘unconference’ with no set schedule, facilitated by those involved in various Apache projects. It was organized by Jean Fredric Clere and Sharon Foga.

You can learn more about the BarCamp at:

Since, most people don’t know what a barcamp is and might be confused I’d suggest reading up about it on

The discussions were were nice and insightful, from all the attendees. I gave a presentation on Apache Allura and also a demonstration on what all can be done using Allura.

Afterwards, we had the sessions of ApacheCon. I attended Jim Jagielski’s talk on Inner Sourcing.

Here are his slides. I would recommend them to anyone who is trying to build Open Communities.

After a small break, it was time for the day’s keynotes and ApacheCon to officially begin. Rich Bowen gave the Opening Remarks and welcomed all the attendees and the speakers to the next set of days of ApacheCon. Jim Jagielski gave the State of the Feather speech. I was amazed to learn so much more about the Apache Software Foundation and it’s resolve to put Community First before Code.

This was the same day as Microsoft joined the Linux Foundation as a Platinum member which was also an organizer for ApacheCon and ApacheCon BigData 2016.

Then we had the Lightning Talks. They were amazing, one of the most memorable lightning talk was given by someone who had made a drinking game out of code reviews. Another memorable one was given by Shane Curcuru about how he got involved with Apache and how others should do the same.

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