Day 4 – ApacheCon and The Apache Way

On day 4, I attended the Apache Way track as I felt that I should get to know more about the ASF and how Apache works. I got to learn a lot and feel that this has paved my way to further get involved with Apache projects. The first session was a panel discussion having panel members from the ASF. It was hosted by Nick Burch and the panelists were members of the ASF.

The “Apache Way” is the process by which Apache Software Foundation projects are managed. It has evolved over many years and has produced over 100 highly successful open source projects. It generally works well! But not always..

In this session, we’ll follow on from the theory, and look more on the practice of how it works. We’ll look more at cases when it has worked well! And when it has had problems. We’ll see more of the boundaries, the things that can be changed, and those that are fixed firm rules. We’ll see how businesses can get involved, and where project independence means they need to step back. Licensing, Trademarks, Decisions, Marketing, Infrastructure and more.

Then was the session by Wen Ming who talked about how they built a Tech Community in China using the Apache Way and discussed all the problems they faced while doing so. It was nice to hear how different places in the world face the problem of accepting that Open Source is as important as normal work. Most asian countries face this problem that employers expect their employees to work 24/7 on the work done at the company and work done beyond that is considered to be somewhat illegal.

Then I attended Apache 2.4 Reverse Proxy talk by Jim Jagielski. He talked about the new and unique features of Apache httpd’s reverse proxy.

After that there was a talk on how a company can capitalize and successfully profit from Apache Products and Brands by Shane Curcuru

Afterwards, there was a lunch break and following was a talk by Bertrand Delacretaz in which he posed the question about whether Software Quality is a Cultural Thing or not.

Then, we had the Attendee reception for ApacheCon. It was nice to interact with the attendees.

It was followed by the PGP key signing event. It was nice to get to meet many people and get verified by them.

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